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Apr 16, 2018

Tom Morkes is a West Point grad and Iraq War veteran turned author, publisher, and entrepreneur. Tom is the author of The Art of Instigating, creator of the Influencer Marketing Method, and founder of Insurgent Publishing, a media company with a mission to help entrepreneurs and creatives make a bigger impact in the world through personal growth. Tom is also a sought after business growth consultant; since 2014, Tom has developed more than 40 marketing and launch campaigns, which have directly generated more than $2,000,000.00 in revenue for his clients.


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Thor will be sharing his tools and strategies as well as interviewing inspiring Peak Performers that are Entrepreneur's, Professional Athletes, Business leaders, Military, Technology guru's, Health and Fitness masters, Relationships Experts as well as Music & Entertainment superstars.  

Mission and Purpose - To engage, educate, entertain and inspire listeners to excel in any area of life through mastering the science of execution and Peak Performance.  You will learn the necessary road map, strategies, tools and psychology to win this game.