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Jun 29, 2016

Vidal Cisneros Jr. is a speaker, writer, purpose igniter and platform building architect. Vidal is best known for his inspirational book talks, as he shares discovering a deeper purpose to live and serve a greater calling despite setbacks is what ignites purpose. 


In 2009, leaving a well-paying construction career to ignite “the dream.” Vidal soon found himself facing insurmountable personal adversity while overcoming marital betrayal with special circumstances. Vidal soul-searched for a reason to persevere and thrive beyond.


Vidal awakened in a jail cell one morning to news of being the driver in a high-speed chase with law enforcement, Vidal had hit rock bottom.


Spending half a year incarcerated, Vidal discovered his calling. In the span of less than eighteen months Vidal had gone through his worst nightmare but discovered a new life of purpose, and had also met someone that would give him hope to love, again.


After his release with a tarnished record, Vidal managed to work for two major fortune 500 companies; despite not having higher education or prior work experience. Vidal has done book talks at Barnes and Noble bookseller locations, keynotes conferences, and has a new book coming out, “Thriving Beyond: From Tragedy To Triumph.” 


Vidal has been featured and written for, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and a his story has been featured in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible,” and he is a contributor for Chicken Soup for the Soul.




3-4 interesting facts 


  • Huge Nutella and coffee-junkie
  • Grew up a huge Michael Jordan fan going back to his college days.
  • My first language was Spanish/learned English through watching sesame street at age 3.
  • I did not graduate high school


2-3 projects you’re currently working on OR causes you’re promoting 


  • Kickstarter Book launch "Thriving Beyond: From Tragedy To Triumph"
  • Thriving Beyond book partnerships with charities, and


If you’d like to offer the listeners a special promotion or gift: Yes, my FREE gift book bundle of my story featured in, "Chicken Soup for the soul: Think Possible," and "How to leverage large media without spending a dime," and "7 Paths of Self-destruction to avoid"

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