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Nov 4, 2019

Pat Hiban knows anything is possible when your drive is strong enough and your hunger for learning is present. Labeled as learning disabled at age 8, Pat started out as an entry-level real estate agent fresh out of college and hustled his way to top honors at multiple companies, eventually becoming the #1 agent in the world at Re/Max International. Over time he invested in horizontal lines of income and retired from full-time real estate sales at age 46.

Pat attributes his success to his own grit, but also to the individuals who have kept him on track. In 2005, Pat realized he needed a quality peer-group of other successful men who understood his unique set of needs and could hold him accountable to his own high standards. He and three others created an accountability group through which they could help one another plan, execute, and achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Over time, new members were added to their tribe, and by 2013 the foundation was officially laid for GoBundance. Since then, membership has grown to nearly 200.

In addition to co-founding GoBundance, Pat actively plans the international bucket list trips for the GoBros and hosts the GoBundance podcast and top-rated Real Estate Rockstars podcast. He is the co-author of Tribe of Millionaires and the New York Times bestseller 6 Steps to 7 Figures. Pat resides with his wife and two daughters in both Folly Beach, South Carolina, and Columbia, Maryland. 


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