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Oct 29, 2018

Shannon Miles is an advocate for people to have a career AND the flexibility they crave to keep their priorities in a healthy order. She is the CEO and Co-founder of BELAY, a staffing company serving
businesses all over the U.S.

In 2010, Shannon and her husband cashed in their 401(k)s and founded BELAY. The company has exploded into 600+ team members, all working from home, while serving BELAY’s 1,200+ clients. This year, she released her book The Third Option: Why a Woman Doesn’t Have to Choose Between a Career and Family, but Can Actually Have Both and Succeed.

Shannon is passionate about serving others and inspiring them to live fuller, richer lives. She lives with her husband Bryan, and their two children, Harper and Rainey, in Atlanta. Practicing what she preaches, they spend their days running the company from their porch in Georgia, from the mountains in Jackson Hole, or from the beaches in the panhandle of Florida.

Bryan Miles is an entrepreneur, backpacker, mountain climber, writer, husband, and father. In addition, he’s the CEO and Co-Founder of BELAY, a premium staffing company serving businesses all over the U.S. He and his wife, Shannon, are proud co-owners.
In 2010, they saw the need for an innovative staffing model where people could work remotely from their homes. They cashed in their 401(k)s and just like that, BELAY was born.

The company has now exploded to over 600 team members – all working from home. Without an office, BELAY has graced the Inc. 5000 list three times and was awarded the number one spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture.

Creating and fostering a healthy culture is close to Bryan’s heart. So close in fact that he is debunking the myth that cultures suffer when people don’t work in the same space with his new book, Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore. This book illustrates how, with a 100% remote culture, BELAY is redefining what the workplace can look like and that it’s possible for others to
create productive, profitable and growing companies that people want to work for – all without a centralized corporate facility.

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