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Jul 7, 2016

Mark and Michaela Logue are relationship experts and relationship coaches. What makes them different from so many other “relationship experts” (who are not actually in a relationship)  is that Mark and Michaela are a happily married couple.
They met through online dating. Yes, online dating. Online dating has become the premiere place for singles to meet. According to a study - 85% of singles feel that meeting people through online dating is socially acceptable.  
However, what's important to note here is not that they met online, it is that they were both super focused on what they were willing to put up with and what they weren't. After their initial contact, they spoke about 27+ hours on the phone. They spent more time talking on the phone getting to know one another than people do when they meet someone at a bar. They asked each other very specific questions about heavy subjects, which most singles avoid like the plague.
Past relationships, Divorces, Fighting style, Felony Convictions (just kidding), kids, sex, bad habits, Values, Morals, religion. You name it, they spoke about it. They both stepped into these conversations with authenticity and with a willingness to share about themselves.
 They met and haven't left each other’s side since. They both agree that there is a balance between rapport and connection and physical attraction and chemistry that we cannot always control. However, with them, they met and that was it.
They both stepped into this relationship as divorced adults. Their divorces taught them both about what their priorities are in life.
THEY both stepped into this marriage willing to do the work that it takes to keep the connection alive.
Life happens to all of us. Finances, illness and family tragedies are a normal part of life.  Having an amazing partner to support you through tough times while at the same time giving you multiple orgasms is what we are all looking for.
 They are both committed to sharing with others what worked for them. They are both 100% excited to connect with all of you on what they did to land the perfect partner.
Is there a science to this? Yes and No. Both Mark and Michaela feel that there is a specific method to finding an amazing partner and keeping them happy for the long term.
Today, Mark and Michaela share their methods of creating higher-levels of intimacy, passion, communication and connection with our clients.

3 – 4 Interesting FACTS about Mark and Michaela
1.  Michaela is the Karaoke QUEEN.
2.  Mark has become the chef in the family (Michaela was his mentor)
3.  Mark is looking to become a Kite Boarding GURU this year.
4.  Michaela LOVEs SNAPCHAT.
5. Mark is in heaven this month as the Euro’s and the Copa America are taking place in June.

Projects that Mark and Michaela are working on.
1.  Book Project. We have a book that will be complete by the end of 2016.
2.  Upcoming I.P.C.C. retreat in Delray Beach, Florida.
3.  Mark has put together a webinar series FOR MEN ONLY on how to connect with their woman at a higher level. Ladies NEED to share this with the man in their life as SHE is the one who benefits the most.

Special Offer for Thor’s Listeners’
1.    For the upcoming IPCC event from November 4, thru November 6, 2016 in Delray Beach – we will give Thor’s listeners a 15% discount on the price of the weekend. We are charging $997.00 per couple and we will offer your listener’s a price of  $847.00 ( that is 15% OFF taking your relationship to the next level) for the first three couples who reach out to us. We have limited seating for this intimate retreat so don’t wait, take advantage of this offer today!!
2.    For Thor’s listeners, we will offer a 15% reduction in our coaching rates for anyone who inquires within the next 48 hours.
3.    Lastly,  We will offer Thor’s listeners a 15% reduction in our speaking fees to anyone out there who reaches out to us using the CODE – THOR!
Thank you once again for listening
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