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Sep 27, 2016

Allyson Ward, The Parent Profit Protector™, helps you to keep more money in your  pocket while guiding you to create independent adults. Combining her passion for raising happy and healthy children with the GRIT formula for creating confident teens Allyson guides her coaching clients and readers to keep more money in your pocket and your teens standing on their own.

Best selling author and accomplished executive coach, Allyson Ward helps you harness the skills to become a stronger more confident manager, leader and parent all while removing the stress associated with balancing business and family life.

Allyson provides more than just a "how to" book. She understands your desire to support your teens and also ensure that they can stand independently. As a single mother of two daughters for many years she harnesses her own experience combined with real stories from her clients. She explains concepts simply guiding her clients to increased  confidence, balance and success.

Best selling author of Please Don't Come Home (Except for A Visit): A Field Guide to Creating Independent Young Adults. Snap up a copy of Allyson's popular book at or on


Book Review:
First time author, Allyson Hawkins Ward, has written a book to help parents guide their teenage children to college and independence.  In May 2014, 4 out of 5 college graduates did not have a job lined up when they graduated.  Today there are more young people ill-prepared for life after college.  They have worked hard to get into the college of their choice and then when they get there they are either underperforming or are calling upon their parents at every challenge to solve them for them.  Consequently, they are having a harder time getting a job when they graduate and a tougher time getting life started.
This book describes the four tips needed to propel them to independence and to transition your relationship from that of supervisor to that of Trusted Advisor.  Each section will have stories to illustrate specific examples of what has been helpful to other parents.   

Four Tips: Parents Transition from Supervisor to Trusted Advisor
The Four Tips are built on the acronym GRIT as it represents the building blocks for raising an independent young adult as a reminder that, in most cases, a solid, focused effort is what is required to achieve success.  
GRIT also stands for:
Game Plan
Three underlying themes
1.      We are in this together.  All good parents suffer some self-doubt about preparing their children for success in life.  In time we learn that a little doubt helps to make us better parents.  The doubt demonstrates that we consider the challenge of rearing loving, yet independent children to be very important and worthy of our energy and best efforts.  One of the most important things for you, the reader, to remember is that you are not alone.  Rather, you are part of a large fraternity of very good parents.
2.     To be successful in our ever-changing world, our teens will need more than good test scores and a great GPA.  While these accomplishments may help them gain acceptance to a competitive college, they do not ensure that our teens will be prepared to achieve success or happiness.
3.     Children are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  And when cultivated, these all-important traits lead to realizing the skills necessary to problem solve and transition to independence.  As our teens get ready to leave our homes for college, it is paramount that our relationships with them change.  The role of Supervisor served us well when they were children.  As they head into adulthood, it is time for us to transition to the role of Trusted Advisor.

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Name: Allyson Ward

Company Name: Capstone Coaching

Address: 11814 Triadelphia Road,Ellicott City, MD 21042

Office Phone: 443-574-GRIT

Email: Allyson@AllysonWard. com


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