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Oct 28, 2016

Luke Tyburski lived his dream as a professional soccer player before injury cut that dream cruelly short, a twist of fate that sent him spiralling into clinical depression. Luke then discovered his salvation and a road back to strength and sanity via the world of extreme endurance challenges.

Luke has competed in the infamous Marathon des Sables (running 6 marathons in 7 days self-supported) through the Sahara desert, cycled 18 hours in a day on his way to learning how to surf, ran down Mt Everest in the worlds highest ultra-marathon, and his very first triathlon was The Double Brutal Extreme Triathlon, it took him 35 hours non-stop!

In 2015, Luke completed The Ultimate Triathlon, a never before attempted, unique 2,000km (1250 mile), 12-day solo triathlon from Morocco to Monaco. 

The Ultimate Triathlon was Luke’s biggest test yet! It’s devilish detail was all his own invention and it’s execution took him far beyond what he perceived were his physical and mental limits, a documentary was made capturing this truly epic challenge!

An Endurance Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, and Health & Wellness Coach, Luke's inspiring message is simple; dream big, and get out of your comfort zone regularly so we can all live life a little more each day!

When reaching your limits, it’s only there where you’ll catch a glimpse of your true potential!”


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“Clarity is the eternal energy that fuels your dreams” 

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