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Jan 7, 2019

Steven L. Blue is in the business of transforming failing and fading companies into global powerhouses. With 40 years of leadership experience, Steve is a proponent of changing the thinking, culture and product lines of established companies to help them survive andthrive in the New Economy. However, he cautions that a combination of planning, appropriate timing and knowledgeable action are essential to ensure a successful transformation. And it is not without risk.

The advent of high-tech products, services, and processes have wrought a major shift in communication and in how we conduct commerce. Steve's focus on helping companies and organizations adapt to change in the New Economy is a major challenge. It is a Metamorphosis.

Blue implements this change using Innovational Potential®, a carefully planned concept for igniting business transformation. His success, as evidenced by his testimonials, is proof of his expertise.

Entertaining, engaging and eye-opening, Steve can discuss with you:

-A CEO With the Midas Touch: An inside look at how he has tripled the size of every company he has run and transformed rust-belt companies into high technology leaders His “Transform, Ignite, & Disrupt” Process: what it is, how long it takes, and what payoffs CEOs can expect 

-Is not transforming your rust-belt company a death knell for your business?

-The first step you need to take when you decide to transform your company to high-tech

-The number one reason most companies fail when they try to make such a transition

-Tips to communicate your rust-belt to high tech plan to shareholders, the Board, and employees

-Examples of companies that have succeeded and failed at this type of transformation and what we can learn from them

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