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Apr 1, 2019

Founded Aerial in 2009 at the age of 21 with the mission of elevating people and places. Britnie has since formed multiple companies under the Aerial brand, all accelerating the mission by empowering people, sustaining the planet and utilizing capitalism as a force for good. Through the success of her companies, Britnie is resetting the standard of what is possible for women and young people across the globe and has won several national and international awards for speed of growth, innovation and trajectory. Aerial’s commitment to a triple bottom line approach is proving that conscious business is not only viable but the way of the future.

Aerial Development Group
In 2009, Britnie founded Aerial Development Group, a Nashville, TN-based residential and commercial development company that revitalizes urban neighborhoods through renovation and infill. Employing a social enterprise business model, Aerial Development Group works to elevate people and places. Through its work Aerial is focused on mindfully revitalizing the urban core and also donates a percentage of its profits to support non-profit organizations in its local community and sponsors an orphan in Kenya for every home that is sells in the name of the home buyer.

Aerial Development Group is resetting the standard for how development takes places and works to prove the business case for addressing social needs through its projects. They collaborate with neighbors and community leaders to make their Nashville neighborhoods healthier, safer, and stronger as well as bring to life projects that allow people to connect with their best self and nature. They improve and revitalize those neighborhoods with innovative projects such as the First Health and Wellness Community in Nashville and Artist Housing, they incorporate tree planting programs, trash cleanups, sustainable features, new sidewalks, and connections to parks and greenways to give residents and the surrounding community access to a healthier life.

Britnie learned that business can be used as a transformative vehicle to change lives through the built environment. That insight led her to change the business model from simply building houses to strategically transforming neighborhoods into places people want to live in and empowering the residents already living there. Today, Aerial Development Group, a for-profit socially conscious company, is honing this model in urban areas of Nashville so they can apply it in other countries in the future to bring about social change.

Britnie believes in a business model of Excellence and Impact. Her main focus at Aerial is the excellence of the product and services offered to Aerial’s buyers, and the company culture that must exist to deliver them. Her companies then leverage the resulting reputation and resources to make a positive impact locally and globally as both a community of people and as a physical place. If it isn’t excellent, she won’t offer it. And if she isn’t making an impact, she won’t be doing it!


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